I’m nice by nature. I love being nice. It’s nice to be nice. But life rolled me some dice, that made me pause and reconsider my niceness.

I almost stopped being nice. I wanted to stop being nice. I paused at being nice. But life threw me some more dice, that made me pause and reconsider my unniceness. Continue reading “BE NICE, BUT THINK TWICE”




I thought you were my friend. I thought you liked me very much. I took you as my friend. And I’ve grown to like you very much. But I’m beginning to have my doubts, I really am. I’ve tried quite hard to understand it all, I really have. And finally, I’ve come to one conclusion: it’s either you don’t really care like you claim, or you’re as blind as a bat. Maybe blinder, if there ever was such a thing. Continue reading “MALICIOUS SILENCE: REVERSED”



A new year is here again. 2015 didn’t really seem to have gotten old to me. Just as I was beginning to get into it, I noticed it was packing it’s bags, ready to leave! Now it’s gone! And I can never get it to stay for little while longer. When it’s time, it’s time.
Time indeed waits for no one.
It’s either you work with it or it works against you.
It’s ever moving, never waiting.

Continue reading “AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!”



Have you ever been in a situation where someone with whom you regularly interact with suddenly stops responding to you? Yet they act like nothing is wrong? But you know that you know that you know something is wrong? I have. Several times. And it drives me crazy. I call it malicious silence. Yes it’s malicious. Why keep silent when you’re offended, you respond coldly or not at all, yet when asked you say nothing is wrong? But you continue acting all weird? Continue reading “MALICIOUS SILENCE”



I find that often worries come as a result of the unknown. Well, the past is gone, we’re busy tackling the present, but the future, what does the future really hold for us? We plan, we hope, we pray, we prepare…. some other times we worry. When we look at the past and consider the present, we wonder at the future. ‘Cause we have to admit, things don’t always work out the way we want. Sometimes it’s just okay, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s much better than we expected, some other times we’re like, “I knew it!” But the fact is, the future is often a puzzle, and no one person has all the pieces of the puzzle. Continue reading “YOU AND YOUR FUTURE”