Pain. Anguish. Sorrow.

Waves of it in a flood.

To make it worse, everywhere you look there’s darkness. You grope in the dark for a hand to hold for support. And find none.

Questions dance around in your head. Why did this happen? How did this happen?

Tears become a permanent feature on your face. You wish for the end to come. But each second stretches out like an eternity…

Hey. Lift up your head a little bit. And a little bit more. Well, why not just lift it all the way up? Now, still those thoughts. They’re a part of the cloud of darkness. While you’re at it, dab those tears; too much of it wouldn’t let you see either.

So you’ve been a-sorrowing all night. Maybe all week. All month you say? All year?? 😱

Wow. Take a deep breath. And let it out. Another deep breath… And out it goes. Yet another….

Now would you listen to me? Really listen? First of all, you’re never alone. Maybe it seems no one has been there for you, no one truly understands what you’re going through, no one sympathises with you… But there has always been Someone. Someone hurting even as you hurt. Someone urging another somewhere to pray for you. Someone sending a message your way to give you a smile for the day. Someone giving you inner strength to keep forging on day by day. That Someone is always there, helping you in ways you can only imagine.

Secondly, as surely as the sun rises from the East and sets to the West, this too shall pass. It might seem like it will last forever, but after the night, morning will surely come. Eventually, that pain that seemed to hold you bound will ease and begin to fade. It will. Do you know why? Because it is not made of stuff that can last forever. But YOU are made of stuff that can last forever. Stuff that even when you move on from this time realm, you’ll continue to live in the eternal realm.

You’re so much higher and greater than that sorrow. It might try to weigh you down, but you’re made of more quality substance. YOU’LL MAKE IT THROUGH.

So when it seems you’re alone in the darkest hour, remember these truths and let them give you comfort till your sun comes out and shines brightly again.


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