Thinking of some inventions we take for granted these days: electricity, television, aeroplane, telecommunications, automobiles, internet, to mention but a few. They’ve become part of our lives, and we can’t even begin to imagine life without them. Yet some centuries ago, and in some cases just some years back, these inventions were non-existent and considered a sheer imposibility. Those who dared to think of them were mostly laughed and scoffed at. But today, they’re as normal as the air we breathe.

This applies to some of us with respect to our goals, dreams, visions and aspirations. Listen, if you can think it, then it can be done. Once you’ve seen it in your mind, the process has begun. If you find people who have done it before you and succeeded at it, good for you. Meet them and learn from them. But if all you hear is,

“Impossible! …”

“Hahaha! How do you think you’ll do that?…”

“Are you nuts? So-so-and-so can’t even try it, is it this you that will do it?…”

“This dream is too big, just forget about it and manage things as they are now…”

“Bla bla bla…”

I’ve got some good news. Everybody else doesn’t have to see as you see. Everybody else doesn’t have to understand exactly what you’re talking about. So don’t let everybody else dampen your zeal for that great dream of yours. It might take months, maybe years or even decades. You may start it but not live long enough to see its end, but you can be satisfied knowing you gave it your best shot. If you don’t have a go at it, someone else eventually will. And you’ll be left with regrets and ‘had-I-knowns”.

Never belittle those seemingly impossible thoughts of possibilities that creep up in your mind. Harness them and grow them. You could just be the 1st of your kind to emerge and shake the world!


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