Growing up, I used to have an allergic reaction that popped up once in a blue moon. It lasted for a few days, and tested my endurance sorely. I discovered I was the determining factor in how long it lasted. It would start as a rash, a very very itchy rash. And of course I would scratch it, and scratch it some more. The scratching seemed to bring momentary relief. But it actually made matters worse. When I was done scratching, the rash would swell up, transforming from a tiny rash to a puffy one right before my exasperated gaze. And of course the itch would increase in direct proportion. And I’d scratch some more, more vigorously. And oh, the swell would increase another notch. And the little kid I was had to do some quick thinking: I scratch, it swells up; what if I don’t scratch? And so my endurance test began. The itch increased, but I made up my mind not to scratch. The urge to itch jumped in quantum leaps, and I groaned inwardly as I experienced another kind of pain – overcoming the “scratch it now or die” urge😫. And then when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, the swelling began to reduce, and with it, the itch. And before my keen gaze, before the end of the day, it disappeared, itch and all. I had discovered a new secret. And that secret helped me triumph over that allergy.We often face similar challenges in our day-to-day interactions and relationships. That annoying neighbour. That frustrating spouse. That back-breaking chore….. And when the itch comes, we tend to start scratching immediately, gaining momentary relief by lashing back in anger, showing exactly how we feel, not thinking, not mincing words. But we’re actually doing more harm than good. That rash won’t go away that way, it would only swell up and itch you the more. Pause. Look at the situation again. Then put on your endurance/patience armour. That might just be what you need to ward off the arrows and overcome the rash. It wouldn’t be easy, it causes a different kind of pain. But it’s a pain that only brings gain. And just when you think the armour is getting too heavy, it transforms into wings that causes you to soar🕊.It’s not every initial relief that brings a lasting solution, and it’s not every initial pain that means loss.
It’s time to say goodbye to that itch.


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