What would life be like if it was all bread and butter? We would all be so much happier, wouldn’t we? And everyone would get along just fine with everyone else right? Well, maybe. But one thing I do know is this: We wouldn’t all be at our best behaviour. A character of gold is not formed in perfect conditions, it is formed when all hell seems to break loose against you. Yes. When all is fine and dandy, it’s easy to try to be at our best. Warm cosy bed, delicious aroma of food floating in from the kitchen as you watch your favourite tv channel, waiting for dinner to be served. All bills paid, no care in the world. But you’d be surprised that even in such seemingly perfect conditions, some people can be really bad-tempered. Because contentment and joy is not all about having worldly pleasures. But that’s a story for another day.
Getting back on track…. What do you do when so much seems to be working against you? There’s so much to pay for yet so little income, you offer so much yet people reject you or use you, you try your hand at so many things yet none seems to work out… What do you do then? It’s in such conditions that people of true and golden character are born. We are physically born into this world once but in the course of life, we have several rebirths. If you want to be a man/woman of true and golden character, don’t run from adverse situations. When there’s so much weighing down on you, it seems so much easier to just stop pushing back. But the moment you stop pushing back, you would find yourself flat on your back with a dead weight on you. You would need rescue workers to get you back on your feet. And they just might not come around on time. What seems easier is not always the best. You might be under a lot of stress and strain, and you’re just tired, and you just want to stop trying and throw in the towel. Truly I tell you, if you do that, you’d find yourself in so much more of a mess. Look at it this way: that weight is not going to cause you to fall, it’s training you and strengthening you; and you’re not going to be just flabby fat anymore, but well-toned fabulous set of muscles, capable of carrying just about any weight! 

When you pass through hard times and come out still joyful, thankful and loving, then you’re like the gold particles that passed through a fiery furnace and came out as a shining jewel. No fire, no refining. No refining, no transformation. No transformation, no beautification.
Giving up might seem so much easier, but don’t. Running might seem so much better, but don’t. Embrace challenges with a good, winning attitude and you’ll be so much the better for it.


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