What would life be like if it was all bread and butter? We would all be so much happier, wouldn’t we? And everyone would get along just fine with everyone else right? Well, maybe. But one thing I do know is this: We wouldn’t all be at our best behaviour. A character of gold is not formed in perfect conditions, it is formed when all hell seems to break loose against you. Yes. When all is fine and dandy, it’s easy to try to be at our best. Warm cosy bed, delicious aroma of food floating in from the kitchen as you watch your favourite tv channel, waiting for dinner to be served. All bills paid, no care in the world. But you’d be surprised that even in such seemingly perfect conditions, some people can be really bad-tempered. Because contentment and joy is not all about having worldly pleasures. But that’s a story for another day.
Getting back on track…. What do you do when so much seems to be working against you?  Continue reading “WHEN GIVING UP IS EASY”