Sacrifices are a part of life. If you’re an adult today and you don’t remember making sacrifices, giving up something you want for the sake of another person, then you’re terribly selfish. Living goes beyond living just for yourself. One special spice of life is going out of your way to light up someone else’s life. The joy it brings, knowing you’ve made a meaningful impact in someone’s life, is beyond mere physical pleasure.

If you’re a friend to someone, and you can’t be there for the person in his/her time of need because it’s an inconvenience to you, that relationship needs to be reconsidered. Don’t even call it a friendship, you guys are just acquainted with each other. Most likely one person is using the other. No wonder someone can be surrounded by people, yet still be hurting and in need, and not really able to cry out for help. Till he/she snaps. Then everyone goes, “”What happened to him/her? I thought….” You thought what?! You have eyes to see no one else but yourself; your ears are filled with wax of me, myself and I; you have a heart pumping in your chest but it’s so cold, it’s a wonder it’s still pumping.

But there’s another side to the coin. You make sacrifices, over and over again. And always you seem you’re the worse for it. It looks like you’re appreciated and celebrated, till the table turns, and you find yourself in need. Mostly because you’ve given up so much. “There’s no need to worry”, you tell yourself. So-so and so’s got your back right? Wrong. A heart-wrenching wrong. Suddenly everyone has an excuse. And you find yourself on your own, feeling very much alone. “Was it really worth it?” You ask.

Our primary motive for giving shouldn’t be because we want to receive. Give because you love, and to help lift another person to a higher level. But it sure helps to know that when you need that same person, he wouldn’t turn his back on you. But what if he does? What if you find yourself in a situation where you always give but get rejected when you’re the one in need? What then?
I’ll tell you what. Keep giving anyway. Because there’s more to things than what you see with the physical eyes. Because it’s not just about you and that person, it’s also about your character formation, how you influence your world, and your reward hereafter.
You may be rejected today but you’ll be remembered tomorrow.
You may be hurt today but you will be honored tomorrow.
You may be crying today but you will be crowned tomorrow.
You may not see your full reward on this earth today but you will have full pleasure of every bit of it in the world hereafter.

Because definitely, most definitely, there’s a world hereafter. And for the one who always gives even to the point of making sacrifices, it will be a world of laughter and pure joy.



  1. Amen!
    I love this: “You may be rejected today but you’ll be remembered tomorrow. You may be hurt today but you will be honoured tomorrow.You may be crying today but you will be crowned tomorrow.”
    Also love your straight talking – no prettying your message -(referring to your observation that adults who have not made sacrifices are just plain selfish!)

    Liked by 1 person

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