I find that often worries come as a result of the unknown. Well, the past is gone, we’re busy tackling the present, but the future, what does the future really hold for us? We plan, we hope, we pray, we prepare…. some other times we worry. When we look at the past and consider the present, we wonder at the future. ‘Cause we have to admit, things don’t always work out the way we want. Sometimes it’s just okay, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s much better than we expected, some other times we’re like, “I knew it!” But the fact is, the future is often a puzzle, and no one person has all the pieces of the puzzle.

I sent this topic to a couple of people and got some feedback.

John Chon of Pebblestone Steps, has this to say: They say you can build your home where ever you feel. I’ve been building many things lately, but maybe home isn’t one of them. Everything that I do–from school to work, and even hobbies–might have in some way lost its original purpose to me. I found myself realizing that the life I live is nothing but a minuscule piece to a bigger picture.

Every turn is a life outside of mine. Every new experience is a new set of lenses to perceive this vast world of ours. All I want is to be apart of it; to experience and explore all things that are beautiful. Above it all, I want to discover me. I want to find who I am, where I belong, and find home everywhere I go. This is where I’ve arrived–me and my future. How about yours?

Leola Durant came from another perspective: I am living my life looking forward to seeing a brighter future. There is so much darkness around us, so much hate, so much evil and despair, but I have to look beyond that to something that is imminent, something that will be bright and glorious. That is the Second coming of Jesus.

As I look forward to that day with joy, I am also praying for an abundance of God’s strength, that I will stay close to Him as a good sheep would, I pray that I will not lose faith and bolt in fright to save my own life, something which I cannot do any way.

See more of what she has to say about this topic here.

To cap it all, I would say though the future may be like a puzzle to us all, and we all have varying opinions on how to approach it, one thing is certain: yesterday’s future is today’s present. Tomorrow will gradually evolve into today. Do your best to prepare for tomorrow, much like an expectant mother prepares for the coming of her baby during the nine months of her pregnancy. But remember that today is a gift to you, not just to prepare but also to live. Don’t lose your head in the cloud of tomorrow, and miss the shine of today. Don’t let 10 years pass by only for you to look back and see you were so busy with the future that you missed out on today, and you see 10 years of your life gone without ever really living in the beauty of each day that came your way. Yes, life has a way of passing by just like that. Make the most of what you have today, and you’ll see that tomorrow would have been well taken care of.


7 thoughts on “YOU AND YOUR FUTURE

  1. Loved this post and the thoughts shared by all. Also thought it a clever idea to ask for feedback or contributions to include in your post. An idea I will borrow to use some time in the future. Have spent a very pleasant evening reading your posts and that of @JohnChon and @LeolaDurant.

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