Why do we spend so much time and care on things rather than on people? It was a gift to you? Don’t you think that person is also a gift to you? Or he has to come specially packaged and wrapped and delivered right on your doorstep before you believe he’s a gift to you? Think again. Could you be spending more of your time and care on those things because they were so expensive, or they boost your ego, or they make you the envy of town, or they make you look beautiful or you can’t imagine doing without them or…. There could be lots of reasons. I choose to call them excuses. When you begin to spend more time and care on things than on people, you’ve crossed the line from being a great you to a not-so-good you. Continue reading “RELATIONSHIPS pt3”




Most often the issue is that we don’t want to see things for what they really are. We prefer viewing things in colour mode; this one has gone beyond shades of grey, its now correct colour in all its hues and tints. But sadly, we’re the ones that lose out.

What would the world be like if for one day; just one day, for 24hours, everyone is honest with everyone else? Continue reading “RELATIONSHIPS pt2”