All I wanted was to enjoy the best day of my life. Or so I thought it would be.
It was all Pinky’s fault.

There were footsteps and a staccato of barks in the hallway. The door to the basement opened with a squeak that sent roaches scampering into their hideouts.

Jack the scraggly dog scampered in, followed closely by Henry, the champion. Henry always knew what to do in every situation, though he just turned 8 last autumn.

“Master Henry!”
Surely if I shout loud enough, they would hear something, wouldn’t they? I’ll just have to get noticed or I’ll die here…

Jack was sniffing his way all around the basement. He yelped as a little mouse squealed in alarm and dived under an old, worn out settee. Jack dived after it, clawing away under the settee.

“Jack, Stop that! We’re here to find little Mandy”.
“Master Henry, I’m here!”
He came to find me! Oh why, why can’t I jump, why can’t I SCREAM!

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Have you ever been in that place where the best thing to do, feels like the most foolish thing to do?
You don’t just feel foolish, but everyone around you is having a good laugh at you!
To top it up, it doesn’t look like it’s working at all, it seems like you’re creating more of a mess! Now everything looks worse off than before. And despair comes calling….








Wow! I’ve been away for a while. Not that I wanted to, just couldn’t help it. And all the while I kept thinking of you; yes, you who take the time to read my posts, and sometimes drop your comments. I sure missed you!

Now that I’m back, I’m going to make extra efforts not to leave you like that again. I have a lot to share with you, and I’m sure looking forward to your feedback!

So let’s kick off shall we?

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Pain. Anguish. Sorrow.

Waves of it in a flood.

To make it worse, everywhere you look there’s darkness. You grope in the dark for a hand to hold for support. And find none.

Questions dance around in your head. Why did this happen? How did this happen?

Tears become a permanent feature on your face. You wish for the end to come. But each second stretches out like an eternity…

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Thinking of some inventions we take for granted these days: electricity, television, aeroplane, telecommunications, automobiles, internet, to mention but a few. They’ve become part of our lives, and we can’t even begin to imagine life without them. Yet some centuries ago, and in some cases just some years back, these inventions were non-existent and considered a sheer imposibility. Those who dared to think of them were mostly laughed and scoffed at. But today, they’re as normal as the air we breathe.

This applies to some of us with respect to our goals, dreams, visions and aspirations. Listen, if you can think it, then it can be done. Once you’ve seen it in your mind, the process has begun. Continue reading “NEVER BACK DOWN”



Growing up, I used to have an allergic reaction that popped up once in a blue moon. It lasted for a few days, and tested my endurance sorely. I discovered I was the determining factor in how long it lasted. It would start as a rash, a very very itchy rash. And of course I would scratch it, and scratch it some more. The scratching seemed to bring momentary relief. But it actually made matters worse. When I was done scratching, the rash would swell up, transforming from a tiny rash to a puffy one right before my exasperated gaze. And of course the itch would increase in direct proportion. And I’d scratch some more, more vigorously. And oh, the swell would increase another notch. And the little kid I was had to do some quick thinking: I scratch, it swells up; what if I don’t scratch? And so my endurance test began. Continue reading “THE ITCH”



What would life be like if it was all bread and butter? We would all be so much happier, wouldn’t we? And everyone would get along just fine with everyone else right? Well, maybe. But one thing I do know is this: We wouldn’t all be at our best behaviour. A character of gold is not formed in perfect conditions, it is formed when all hell seems to break loose against you. Yes. When all is fine and dandy, it’s easy to try to be at our best. Warm cosy bed, delicious aroma of food floating in from the kitchen as you watch your favourite tv channel, waiting for dinner to be served. All bills paid, no care in the world. But you’d be surprised that even in such seemingly perfect conditions, some people can be really bad-tempered. Because contentment and joy is not all about having worldly pleasures. But that’s a story for another day.
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Sacrifices are a part of life. If you’re an adult today and you don’t remember making sacrifices, giving up something you want for the sake of another person, then you’re terribly selfish. Living goes beyond living just for yourself. One special spice of life is going out of your way to light up someone else’s life. The joy it brings, knowing you’ve made a meaningful impact in someone’s life, is beyond mere physical pleasure.

If you’re a friend to someone, and you can’t be there for the person in his/her time of need because it’s an inconvenience to you, that relationship needs to be reconsidered. Don’t even call it a friendship, you guys are just acquainted with each other. Most likely one person is using the other. Continue reading “HOPE OF A WORLD HEREAFTER”



One thing we’ll always see, wherever we go, whatever we do – PEOPLE. Encountering people is part of life. We really can’t run away from it, we ought to celebrate it. Even if we have no family and stay indoors all day and all night, we would still encounter people – through newspapers or magazines, phone or laptop, the postman or milkman… Even the very chair you sit on was made by a person. Or persons. The food you eat was processed by someone even if you did the cooking all by yourself. The house in which you live was built by people too.😉